About Project Done

My name is Angela, owner of Project Done. Through Project Done, I am a bookkeeper, an organizer, and a remodeling/construction manager. My motive is to bring organization, a positive attitude, and a strong work ethic to any project. My services are tailored to meet your needs.

Bookkeeping: I am a freelance bookkeeper telecommuting from my home office. I can help you take the stress out of finance. I set up office spaces, file drawers, and keep any space clutter free. I enthusiastically use my skills to organize your cluttered office full of paperwork and help you keep it that way. The goal is to keep your space organized for day to day tasks. Project Done is here to help you get over the fear of your finances and keep you organized! Once you know how to read your Income statement and balance sheet, you can take back control and own your financial future to live your passion.

Organizing: Organizing has always been a passion of mine. Our home and our office is where some of us spend most of our time so shouldn’t it be a calm, clutter free place; a place to let our creativity and productivity flow? We do not work as effectively in a messy, cluttered space. We also can’t relax when we have so many things surrounding us. Spending time looking for something that ended up in a pile because it is not in its proper place is a waste of time and energy. A messy space is also draining to our energy level. Wasting time keeps me in the office longer and I would rather be out enjoying the world with my family. There are systems that we can put in place today to keep our time in the office productive and to a minimum. Keeping your space clutter free helps you to free your mind for more important things. When working together, I teach you the skills needed to pull it all together.

Construction Management: If you have ever had your home worked on, you know that it can be a time consuming job and having someone who knows the industry is key to getting your project done on time and within your budget. I am speeding up the process by finding skilled contractors to meet your home remodeling needs. My attention to detail saves you money and keeps your project on track from start to finish. As a Project consultant, I interview, screen and hire contractors, collect bid proposals, and set the project timeline and budget. Everything is submitted to you for final approval.

In January of 2013: Project Done has took the first step to revamping our Social Media mark. We will now have guest bloggers as well as our own posts on our blog. We’re excited to spread the word of productivity and organization to the Social Media world! If you’re interested in guest posting, please send an email to my assistant, Taylor at: projectdone.taylor@gmail.com

Instagram @ProjectDone: We would love for you to join us on Instagram, where we are building an interactive and collaborative feed with our followers FOR our readers and followers by using the hashtag, #ProjectDoneLifestyle. We want our Instagram to be filled with organizing ideas. Not just ours, but yours, too! To learn more about how you can join in, go here.

Thank you for joining me on this journey to organize a life that is inspired to clear up the clutter so that you can live your passion.
Angela Sheuerman
Project Done