Organizing, De-cluttering Are ‘IN’- But HOW Do You Begin? – Missy Bystrom + A GIVEAWAY

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For at least the last 15 years, words like ‘Organizing’ or ‘De-cluttering’ have been mainstream. You cannot go by a magazine stand without seeing these words right next to ‘health’ or ‘weight loss’ – words that have been pushed at us for year. Suffice to say – the pressure of Organizing is NOT going to go away.

What does Organizing mean? What does ‘De-Clutter’ mean? And how should you go about doing this?

The answer? Well, that depends. There is no quick fix. There is not one system or one idea that will work for everyone. Just like weight loss or health- there is no magic bullet, AND, once begun, it must be maintained.

Since this is the start of a New Year, there is no time better than the present to start and commit to a new path – one of less chaos, less clutter, and more productivity and predictability.

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How to begin?

Deal with all of the CLUTTER first. Clutter is the ‘stuff’ that is on counters, desks, floors, in bags, in boxes. It’s the things around you that clogs the energy from flowing, and that don’t have a ‘home.’ Often you can tell it’s ‘clutter’ if you don’t know what to do with it or you get overwhelmed by looking at it.

Start in one area of your room, house or office. Look at that space only. Do NOT look at the project as a whole. Go in a clockwise pattern, left to right. Address only what is in front of you at that moment. You are merely deciding three things:

  • Keep
  • Toss or Recycle
  • Donate

Have 3 boxes labeled as such, and begin.

Go through as many spaces or rooms that you are able. Then follow through. Be sure to donate and recycle.

As crazy as it seems, you are beginning the first stage of organizing and setting up systems. The key is to follow through and maintain what you have done. Stay tuned for more posts on your next steps!

Missy Bystrom PortraitMissy Bystrom is the owner of The Organized Connection located in Cleveland, OH and Orange County, CA.  Missy’s blog gives weekly tips and tricks on becoming more organized and having a more peaceful household.
If you would like to become a certified professional organizer, follow this link.
If you would like to get more extensive information on organizing your household, business or personal life, follow this link.
You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.


Missy has generously offered a copy of one of her books to our Project Done readers through a GIVEAWAY! (You can also buy your own copy off of Amazon, here.)

“Organ-ZEN-ation (Intentionally Creating Balance and Order, Volume 1)”

Organ-ZEN-ationThis book is to guide you in organizing and de-cluttering your main living space in a present and intentional manner. It gives you the opportunity to reflect on the purpose of your home and its space. It encourages positive and free energy flow, as well as a healthy lifestyle. The book is set up in a fashion that allows you to work a bit each day, as well as to pause on the activity at hand. There are no rules or expectations. Simply follow the signs as they arrive. Be gentle to yourself. Mindfully and lovingly do the tasks as they present themselves. Your home environment is dictated by the energy in it. Clutter, disorganization and lack of systems are not useful and contribute to chaos within and without. It can be inundating to put order to an entire home. The pages within are palatable tasks that can be done daily with intention.

* NOTE: Please be honest! We verify every entry and if we cannot confirm that you did one of these tasks, you will NOT win this giveaway and will be automatically disqualified.

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  1. I could use more organization in my room!

  2. I would love some ideas on managing my mail. I tend to hold onto it and it piles up, then it’s an overwhelming task to go through it and file or recycle.


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