Shiny Objects Can Clutter Ones Head and Interfere with Goals – Missy Bystrom

By on Jan 2, 2014 in General Tips, Guest Bloggers, Organizing

Book Shelf Organization Missy Bystrom Project Done Guest PostI often sit back and look at my clients and business  colleagues, observing the ways in which they can remove clutter from their loves and become more productive and organized.

It’s not always the ‘stuff‘ that clutters our environment.

Clutter comes in many forms. One popular form is ‘The Shiny Object‘ Form. This occurs when one does not have a pinpointed direction or focused goals. There is so much out there. So many messages, ideas, advice promising newer and bigger and better. Unless one is 110% committed to a direction and HOW to achieve their goals, it’s easy to become distracted. Self-doubt may set in. Wavering on goals occurs. Then ‘Clutter‘ sneaks in. It comes in the form of confusion, cloudy thinking, and head chaos. It’s no wonder why many entrepreneurs have a hard time succeeding!

So the next time you are distracted and veer off your path – STOP. Send that shiny object back to where it came from, and remain focused on your path. Re-organize your goals or steps if need be, but keep that clutter out of your head space and your work environment.

Missy Bystrom PortraitMissy Bystrom is the owner of The Organized Connection located in Cleveland, OH and Orange County, CA.  Missy’s blog gives weekly tips and tricks on becoming more organized and having a more peaceful household.
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